Panzer Division Halftrack Inventories, December 1943

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  1. Guido Dahmen says:

    Thank you so much for posting all this interesting docs and articles.
    Best regards.
    Guido / Germany

  2. Richard says:

    Hey Guido. Thanks a lot for the feedback!


  3. Douglas Nash says:

    Great job Richard – keep up the good work!

  4. Jason Fletcher says:

    This is a great find!!! Thank you so much!

  5. Richard says:

    Hey Jason. Thanks for the feedback!


  6. Sean Oliver says:

    Most German SPW docs unfortunately don’t indicate the specific model of SPW issued. It’s possible to find a couple of detailed AFV inventories for certain Pz Divs at certain times, however. These suggest that during 39-42, at least half of SPWs issued to Panzer formations were C3 and artillery observation models, with the remainder dived between 251/1 and 251/7 engineering types. Early war Panzer Grenadier units were not equipped with many 251/1, often just a company or two per division. At the time of Zitadelle, SPW models in Pz Divs were about; 50% 251/1, 30% the various C3 vehicles, and 20% Pioneer 251/7 models. The same rough % applied to 250 as well. At Kursk PzDivs averaged about 2-3 companies with 251/1, but had just as many or even more C3 SPWs..
    Only by the summer of 44 were enough SPWs available to equip one Pz Gren Bn per Pz Divison.

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