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Flammpanzer III 0

Flammpanzerzug Organization

The Flammpanzerzug organization (Armored Flamethrower Platoon) was very basic, it simply had 7 Pz.Kpf.Wg.III flamethrower tanks. The Pz.Kpf.Wg.III (Fl) had a three-man crew. The commander who served as the flamethrower gunner (also the coaxial...

Sturmgeschütz Escort Battery 0

Sturmgeschütz Escort Batteries

The Sturmgeschütz Escort Batteries, or Sturmgeschütz Begleit Batterien, were first introduced in early 1944 as a way of providing organic infantry support to the Sturmgeschütz Battalions. Assault guns had an inherent vulnerability to infantry...


Jagdpanzer IV Organization

It is easy to think of the Jagdpanzer IV as a progression in the series of tank destroyers developed by Germany in the Second World War. However, the Jagdpanzer IV organization, beyond the company...