Panzer Division 1944 – Organization Chart and KStN List

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  1. Stabskapitaen says:


    first of all: a big thank-you for your dedication to & your passion for this (sadly almost forgotten) “niche” of war history.

    Just a short comment for the unpracticed reader with all respect: an “OKH-Gliederungsbefehl” (order for organization of units?) was (especially as of mid 1943)
    a noble goal or target – more or less.
    IMHO literally a handful of Heeres/Waffen-SS Panzer Divisions would meet this order
    (particularly with reference to a Divison Panther Abteilung/battalion) at that point in time.

    Sincerely yours

    Frank G. from Germany

    • Richard says:

      Hey Frank,

      Thanks for the comment and i agree. For that reason i have always found it much more engaging to think of units in terms of theoretical instead of actual, at least you get the whole picture. I suspect some panzer divisions in the West just before Normandy would have come the closest to meeting this org chart.


  2. Stabskapitaen says:

    Dear Richard,

    me too ;-). – absolutely no offense meant!

    But e. g. regarding D-Day (in the broadest sense) only two divisions come to my mind
    (1. SS-Panz.Div. “LSSAH” + partially 12. SS-Panz./Panz.Gren.Div. “HJ”) regardless of any independent units.


  1. December 8, 2018

    […] will notice when comparing the organizational diagrams of the PDG.44 (download below) with the PD.44 is that the panzergreandier division does not have half-tracks units. Though they do have armored […]

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