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FKL. 301 – France 1943

After a little digging on Funklenkpanzer units I was able to collected some documents on the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 from their time when they were reforming after Kursk. After Kursk the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 was sent back to...


US Intel Reports – B IVc

A continuation to the previous post which introduced the Bordward BIVc remote demolition vehicle that was deployed in Funklenkpanzer units. Below are three intelligence reports on the same vehicle, the first is from late 1944 then...



Though I have been aware of the funklenkpanzer units I have not really focused on them that much. However a chance glance at some status reports of the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 while browsing through documents of the...