361st Volksgrenadier Division

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  1. Jack Koorneef says:

    Dutch resisitance documents state in the first week of March 1945; The 361.Inf.Div., where the 951 and 953 Volks Gern.Regt. belong, left after a three weeks stay in the area Soest-Zeist-Doorn, left unexpectedly in Eastern direction. At he end of the day marching Lunteren was reached. The destinaton was unknown. (Source Nationaal Archief, Den Haag).

    On 20 April 1945 troops of the 361th V.G.D. have been seen by Dutch resistance in the Alblasserwaard and Betuwe (some of troops in the towns Buren, Kerk-Avezaath, Zoelen, Asch, Zoelmond and Beusichem were of 361 V.G.D.), bicycles were seen with the two crossed horseheads a regimental h.q.flag and V.G.D.361 written on it same goes for some cars (exept for the missing Regt.hq flag). At 24 April 45 a sign was seen in Buren with “Philippi” further more some redcross-cars wereseen in Zoelen at the same date, on the cars the sign with the two crossed horseheads and “vers.regt.361”. So it seems that the parts of the division was not totally absorbed by the 559th V.G.D. or the staff was waiting for a new task. (NIOD, Amsterdam).

  2. Richard says:

    Jack, thanks a lot for the additional information.


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