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FKL. 301 – France 1943

After a little digging on Funklenkpanzer units I was able to collected some documents on the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 from their time when they were reforming after Kursk. After Kursk the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 was sent back to...


Grenadier Escort Platoon

“Experience has repeatedly shown that wherever Jagdpanzer or Sturmgeschütze were used in close cooperation with infantry, even with limited forces, decisive progress has been made in attack and defense. But where this cooperation was...


A Sample K.A.N. – Table of Equipment

Those of us interested in German unit organization are very familiar with the KStN or the German Tables of Organization. However we are less familiar with the KAN, kriegsausrüstungsnachweisung, mainly because there just does...