Situation Maps – Second Battle of Kharkov

In May 1942 after a successful winter counter-offensive, the Russian Army attempted to expand on their success with an offensive south of Kharkov against the 6th Army.  The 14th and 16th Panzer Divisions under the 3.AK, which was part of Army Group v.Kleist, would be the vanguard  of a counter-attack from the south that would end up encircling  the attacking Russian forces and in the end capture around 240,000 prisoners.  This battle is known as the Second Battle of Kharkov.

This is one of the best situation maps I have seen as it very nicely details the sequential movement of German troops over an 8-day period.

This map is part of a series that covers May 11th to May 30th, 1942 that can be downloaded below.  The images were large so they have been slightly compressed (44MB) with very little loss of quality.  Contact me if you are interested in the uncompressed copies at 273 MB.

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Kharkov Map Set

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