Video tutorial – Introduction to K.St.N.

A quick overview of the K.St.N. layout and what the different columns represent.  I am using the Fusilier Company of a Volksgrenadier division as our sample K.St.N. as it has an interesting composition of units within the company.    The K.St.N. can be downloaded below, 149 V – 1.9.1944, in both English and German.

This post includes transcribed copies of the K.St.N. used in both English and German versions as well as a PDF companion file with other documents mentioned in the video:

*In order to maintain the highest possible resolution for the pages in the PDF they sometimes vary in their dimensions. It is recommended to download the PDF to view and not view it in the browser.

click to download
149 V (English)
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149 V (German)

Resource mentioned in the video:

Victory was beyond their grasp, by Doug Nash, is a book on the 272 Volksgrenadier division. It covers in detail events involving the division s Fusilier Company.

Rank Grouping and Position definitions available on the website of Leo Niehorster. This site is a great resource for unit organization in general.

  • Rank groupings here
  • Position translations here

Kriegsprache, by Tom Houlihan, a glossary of German WWII words and phrases.  A great source for translations of words and phrases.

Another resource which I did not mention but would also include is John Winners document on Reading KStN Charts. He has a lot of other great documents there as well.

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