US Intel Report – Panther “OP”

The following information on a Panzer Beobachtungs Wagen Panther is taken partly from an undated semi-official provisional manual on the vehicle published by RHEINMETALL-BORSIG and partly from a preliminary interrogation of Herr Seligman of the firm of Anchütz of KIEL. Feedback or comments are welcome. Download Files Intel. Report #012 … Read more

FKL. 301 – France 1943

After a little digging on Funklenkpanzer units I was able to collected some documents on the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 from their time when they were reforming after Kursk. After Kursk the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 was sent back to Germany for refit.  In September it was assigned 32 Sturmgeschüts and sent to France for training.  … Read more