233 Panzer Division – Denmark 1945

I am not really familiar with this division but found some interesting documents showing their status late in the war.  This includes an organization diagram, map of unit locations, vehicle counts and other documents.   *The documents in the PDF vary in dimensions in order to maintain the highest possible resolution. … Read more

Gebirgs Division 44 – Organization Chart and KStN List

The Gebirgs division was the German mountain division. You will notice that the basic structure of the division is similar to the 1944 Infantry Division. However some specific units are quite different. First you will notice they have an actual reconnaissance battalion and partly motorized at that. The artillery regiment … Read more

FKL. 301 – France 1943

After a little digging on Funklenkpanzer units I was able to collected some documents on the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 from their time when they were reforming after Kursk. After Kursk the Pz.Abt.(FKL).301 was sent back to Germany for refit.  In September it was assigned 32 Sturmgeschüts and sent to France for training.  … Read more