Panzerspähwagen – Armored Scout Vehicle Intel Reports

The German term panzerspähwagen is often interpreted as armored car but the definition is actually a bit more broad and Armored Scouting Vehicle would seem more accurate.  At the time of the Normandy campaign the Germans were employing at least three panzerspähwagens that were not armored cars.  These were the Luchs … Read more

Intel Report – Panzerkampftwagen IV J, Beobachtungswagen

Intel Report on the Panzerkampfwagen IV J, Observation tank (Beobachtungswagen) Feedback or comments are welcome. Download File Intel. Report #172   *The documents in the PDF vary in dimensions in order to maintain the highest possible resolution. It is recommended to download the PDF  to view and not view it in … Read more

US Intel Report – Panther “OP”

The following information on a Panzer Beobachtungs Wagen Panther is taken partly from an undated semi-official provisional manual on the vehicle published by RHEINMETALL-BORSIG and partly from a preliminary interrogation of Herr Seligman of the firm of Anchütz of KIEL. Feedback or comments are welcome. Download Files Intel. Report #012 … Read more