German Infantry Tank Destroyer Battalions

The German Panzerzerstörer battalions were formed in the fall of 1943 around the new R.Pz.B.54 (panzerschreck) weapon. On September 8th 1943 OKH/GenStdH/Org.Abt. issued order Nr. I/3965/43 g.K. v.8.9.43, titled Equipment of the Troops with new anti-tank weapons (“Ofenrohr” und “Puppchen”). The orders indicated that 10 battalions were to be raised … Read more

233 Panzer Division – Denmark 1945

I am not really familiar with this division but found some interesting documents showing their status late in the war.  This includes an organization diagram, map of unit locations, vehicle counts and other documents.   *The documents in the PDF vary in dimensions in order to maintain the highest possible resolution. … Read more

Sturmpanzer Abteilung 216, road march to Pisa

On April 4, 1944 Sturmpanzer Abteilung 216 received orders transferring them to Army Group Reserves and ordering them to the area of Pisa-Lucca. At this time the battalion was subordinated to Panzer Regiment 69 under the 76.Pz.K/14th Army.  The regiment had an Eingreif Gruppe East and Eingreif Gruppe West and … Read more